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Koyo Dazhou Project has a strong competitive advantage on gas as it is located in the abundant natural gas resources area, particularly with its gas pipelines close to the wellhead.Furthermore, our equipment is high automated and low consumption. All these factors have contributed to stable production and lower cost, and enables Koyo to win the market.Furthermore, our equipment is high automated and low consumption.

With the combination of advanced KELLOGG and STAMICARBON technology, and the wisdom of Koyo’s professionals from well known factories all over the country, the production is both reliable and distinguished with Koyo features. Being equipped with DS Centralization and Looseness Control System, the facility is highly automatic. The 82-metre prilling tower provides sufficient height for the urea droplets to be cooled and solidified into high quality spherical form. The 20,000t bulk warehouse may provide further cooling and reduce the dust. Presently there are only 6 facilities with similar scale in China, and Koyo is the only private enterprise.

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